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The Importance of the Sun on Our Planet

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The Importance of the Sun on Our Planet

The Importance of the Sun on Our Planet

Everything in life revolves around the sun in some way — our planet literally revolves around it! Without the sun, our world would be dark and uninhabitable. NASA says that nothing is more important to the Earth than the sun. Undoubtedly, the impact of the sun is widespread and profound. Most of us know that the sun is essential to our planet, but in what ways? Here’s why the sun is crucial to the wellness of our planet and its inhabitants:

The Importance of the Sun on Our Planet 1

The Source of Food

While only a small portion of the sun’s light reaches the Earth, the light that does reach our planet is used by plants for photosynthesis. This process is when plants use the sun’s light energy to produce food, storing it as sugar and starches.

Besides getting our energy directly from the sun, we primarily get our energy through the foods we eat. The process looks like this: plants store the sun’s energy, animals eat plants, and we eat both plants and animals.

The Seasons

If you have a favourite season, you can actually thank the sun for it! Seasons happen because the sun hits the tilt of the Earth’s axis at varying intensities throughout the year — creating what we’ve categorised as spring, summer, autumn, and winter. 

The Importance of the Sun on Our Planet 2

The Climate

Since the sun dictates the seasons, you won’t be surprised to learn that the sun is also responsible for the Earth’s weather pattern. The heat from the sun disperses solar heating across our planet — creating clouds, rain, and other storms.

Sunlight for Health

We know the sun’s heat and light make our planet suitable for life, but it also affects everyone’s overall health down to the molecular level. Our skin reacts to sunlight by converting UV B radiation into vitamin D to boost energy, strengthen the immune system, and maintain healthy bones.

When you spend time in the sun, the sunlight prompts your body to produce more red blood cells. The production of red blood cells will increase the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream — giving you better circulation!

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