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Amazing Benefits of Pomegranates

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Amazing Benefits of Pomegranates

Amazing Benefits of Pomegranates

Who here loves pomegranates? Who doesn’t, right? Not only are they delicious, but they’re full of amazing benefits for your health!

Pomegranates have been a symbol of fertility in Zoroastrian and other ancient cultures. 🤰
No wonder – the structure of the pomegranate (and the look of it opened) has a strong resemblance to a female ovary.⁠

Ancient cultures knew there was something special about it, and scientists can back this up.
Studies have discovered that pomegranates contain a form of female hormone oestrogen – called estrone – that is similar in function and structure to the one found in mammals. It is even believed that pomegranates are the richest source of it found in nature.⁠🌱⁠

A 2004 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology showed that pomegranates can help alleviate hormonal symptoms related to low oestrogen levels.⁠

Low oestrogen is often associated with issues in women such as low energy and fatigue, acne, abnormal facial and body hair, as well as hot flushes and other symptoms of perimenopause.⁠

Amazing Benefits of Pomegranates
Amazing Benefits of Pomegranates

More good news is that unlike synthetic sources and some bioidentical sources of oestrogen – pomegranate does not have any of their potentially carcinogenic effects. ✊ On the contrary – it acts as an adaptogen, enhancing the levels of estrogen when it is low but blocking stronger estrogens if levels are excessive.⁠

According to GreenMedInfo:⁠

“In an August 2011 study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, pomegranate extract was compared to the drugs Tamoxifen (T) and Estradiol (E) and was shown to prevent activity associated with estrogen-dependent cancer promotion, without increasing the weight of the uterus, a well known indicator of the potential carcinogenicity of (T) and (E)

Amazing Benefits of Pomegranates

How to enjoy it?⁠

❤️ Eat the seeds whole (yep, they can be eaten whole!)⁠

❤️Drink it as a juice – but make sure it’s pure and without the additives⁠ ❤️ For a powerful anti-ageing and antioxidant drink blend pomegranate juice with 1 tsp @OrganicBurst Acai powder (you can use the handy Aerolatte electric whisk sold on our website)

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