Pure Protein 100% Natural Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate 2kg (66 Servings)

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What makes this protein different than the rest?


Quality starts at the source. From the soil to the grass the cattle feed on contains zero chemicals, pesticides, gmo’s or other unnatural treatment. The cattle it’s self are not treated with antibiotics or hormones to keep them “healthy” in other words, there is a sophisticated process to keep this protein powder 100% natural to avoid the consumer ingesting these harmful substances. Thus the protein is ethically sourced, rather than treating the cattle as ‘cash cows’ like many other protein companies.

Secondly, since the protein powder is grass fed and not grain fed, the protein powder is high in Omega 3 fatty acids and does not cause inflammation of the intestines or joints in the body, unlike grain fed cheap sources of protein, the 100% pure protein is highly beneficial.

The 100% Natural Pure Protein is also x3 ultra microfiltered meaning it’s a very, very fine powder to make up a clump free protein beverage, it’s also shown to regulate blood sugar levels making it suitable for diabetics and is also halal suitable, as well as suitable for those on a ketogenic diet.

If you’re looking for a nutritious meal replacement on the go, just add a banana and fruits into a blender and take it with you, or simply add 1 scoop of protein into 250ml of water (or almond milk) and give it a quick shake for a naturally delicious post recovery drink after any type of workout.

You can also easily bake healthy treats with this protein and the heat will not reduce (burn out) the protein content.

The benefits of this protein?
Our premium grass-fed whey protein isolate will help you increase strength, maintain muscle and tone up without having you feeling bloated or uncomfortable, with long term use it’s proven to help with anti-ageing benefits and will stop muscle wastage (muscle catabolism) in the elderly.

What’s in the protein?
This protein is made with zero artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or any harmful additives or fillers. This product is 100% natural and sourced from organic farming, naturally sweetened with stevia and offers several benefits such as metabolizing stored fats as a source of energy with added L carnitine, plus providing you with antioxidants with added green tea extract (with no caffeine) all to promote general wellbeing, sustain muscle strength, toning up the body and muscle maintenance.

This protein powder has been food science tested and 3rd party tested by a professional nutritionist of over 11 years and proven to be between 95% to 98% Pure Protein as the name suggests. What does this mean? Well, you’re getting 25g of pure protein per 30g serve, the other 5g being amino acids, L carnitine and green tea extract for antioxidants.

All 3 Flavours are also naturally unfairly delicious and an absolute delight to consume.

We also offer you a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a tub today and give it a go for yourself, you’ll be glad you did.

According to Welbourne, T.C. (American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition) Long term use of amino acids from natural sources could help with anti-aging benefits with long term use and will have noticeable results in healing wounds, minor muscle tears, muscle recovery and maintenance.

If you’re ready to invest in your health don’t look past this 100% natural whey protein isolate, move forward using the highest purity and quality protein the market has to offer. In fact, New Zealand is known to supply the world with the purest forms of whey protein.


  • General well being, look and feel great
  • Regulates blood sugar levels
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Add powder to recipes
  • Helps tone the body
  • Maintains muscle
  • Control cravings
  • Control appetite
  • Convenience
  • Save time
Additional information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 28 cm

Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla




Our naturally flavoured protein selection is delightfully smooth and velvety, light on the stomach & naturally sweetened, so you can consume it at any time of day, before work and play!

It's were it’s sourced, the effort we put in and what we leave out that makes Organic Innovation Protein the best – in the world.

Organic Innovation Protein is pure, premium quality, single origin, 100% New Zealand grass fed whey protein (proven to be the highest purity of protein). This is not a blend of lower quality proteins.

Organic Innovation is pure and clean- it does not contain any Hormones passed on through the cows milk (this happens when cows are injected with hormones to produce more milk) the protein is free from filler ingredients and artificial additives. It’s Just the cleanest, purest grass fed New Zealand Whey Protein.

No filler ingredients - means more pure protein per serving!

Our natural whey protein isolate is the end result of 5 years product research and development with multiple flavouring experts that’s worked on each flavour for a minimum 6 months to a year, once satisfaction is reached within our team it’s then taste tested my 100s of people, only then it hits the market.

Dissolves and mixes well -  shake it up with water or almond milk

Smooth texture - not grainy or gritty, no powdery residue

Naturally smooth and slightly sweet  - not bland and tasteless

Lightly flavoured and sweetened (Salted caramel is a little more mildly flavoured) - not unpalatable

Getting enough dietary protein is essential for women's health. You need the most bio-available, fast digesting, low carb, clean ingredient, natural protein powder that tastes great so you can drink it at any time of day.

Promotes satiety- keeps you feeling fuller for longer between meals

Assists with weight loss (contains L Carnitine) - consuming higher levels of protein can assist you reducing total calories

Maintains lean muscle- fuels and maintains your lean muscle mass

Gluten free and very low carb

You need a fast digesting, great tasting, pure, clean and natural, complete protein to ensure you meet your daily protein intake requirements, to develop lean muscle, recover from sport and exercise, and maintain your immune system. You don't want filler ingredients and slow-release, low quality protein sources.

Complete protein - naturally contains all 9 essential amino acids needed for optimal health.

Naturally high in BCAAs - contains 4.9g of Branched Chain Amino Acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine which switch on your body's muscle building process

Fast digesting and bio-available protein - you absorb the protein quickly when you need it (pre and post exercise) and get maximum nutrition from each serving

Whey protein blends contain a mixture of lower quality protein sources to reduce production costs. Protein origin matters because climate, farming practices, processing and other factors affect the quality, taste and bio-availability of the final product.

Organic Innovation Pure Protein is made from a single source of premium New Zealand whey protein isolate. What makes New Zealand dairy so good? It comes from New Zealands organic farming. This region has the ideal climate for year round pasture grazing, adequate sunshine and rainfall, good natural soil and pasture growth and excellent animal health. This results in less need for fertilisers and feed crops, and year round supply of grass fed cows milk, so you get the purest and best quality protein in every serving.

Ultrafiltered whey protein isolate has undergone the least and most gentle processing of any whey protein, preserving a broader range of nutritional benefits (assisting lean muscle growth, weight loss and supporting your immune system), bio-availability and maintaining better taste than most whey protein isolates on the market that rely on artificial flavouring.

Our ultrafiltered whey protein isolate is New Zealand made from farm and packaged here in Australia

(cocoa, vanilla and stevia are not grown in Australia and must be imported).

Carefully sourced, processed and handled to prevent the protein and fragile protein fractions breaking down during processing and handling (denaturing). This preserves the protein structure and bio-availability, so that the beneficial macro and micro nutrients are broken down and absorbed in your digestive system.

Whey protein is susceptible to damage from heat during the entire process from farm to packaging. Organic Innovation Protein is low temperature processed and not exposed to prolonged high temperatures that damage the micro and macro nutrients, during the the entire process from farm to packaging. This preserves the nutritional quality and bio-availability.

Many off the shelf protein powders contain a long list of artificial ingredients including synthesised vitamins, artificial flavours and artificial sweeteners (Sucralose). Artificial additives are highly potent and cheap to use- however they are not recognised by the human body as food, and may lead to long term weight gain, health problems and disease.

Organic Innovation Protein only contains the minimum number of necessary ingredients from natural sources.

Organic Innovation Protein does not contain any filler ingredients such as maltodextrin, milk powder, skim milk powder, coconut flour, psyllium, sugar or fibre (inulin etc).

These ingredients are used in many mass produced protein powders to bulk the product, reduce production costs and sweeten the product - at the expense of your health and nutrition. Those products are carefully formulated to maintain the protein source as the primary (first) ingredient- whilst the protein content per 100g is very low.

Absolutely! The Organic Innovation pure protein contains zero sugar and will help stabilize blood sugar levels, we’ve made sure of it.

If you’re eating healthy and supplementing this protein to increase your protein intake, you will most likely build muscle and strength. If you’re looking to bulk up fast, we would recommend adding 1 and a half scoops of the 100% natural pure protein into a blender with a large banana, half a table spoon of natural peanut butter, frozen organic berries (of your choice) and 350ml of almond milk for a delicious smooth creamy mild weight gainer (meal replacement) shake that would contain protein, healthy fats, carbs, fiber and antioxidants (see our free recipes for more ideas)

We have sold this protein to many people with eczema, and they have not had any problems, the protein is 100% natural and free from refined sugars and other nasties that typically cause skin issues, but not this protein.

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The difference between Grass fed and Non grass fed that you should know.

There are several differences you may not know about between grass-fed and regular whey. One of the basic knowledge is the fatty acid composition. Grass-fed whey contains more omega 3 fatty acids (omega 3 fats have a range of health benefits due to their anti-inflammatory properties), whereas regular or grain-fed whey tends to be higher in omega 6 fatty acids.

There are many whey protein powders available today, choosing the correct one for you can be a struggle! The clear majority, regular whey protein, is sourced from feedlot cattle who are fed with grains or corn mash and are treated with antibiotics (rGBH – recombinant bovine growth hormone), or other artificial veterinary medications. These hormones and/or antibiotics can consequently be traced in their milk. Additionally, GRAIN FED cows routinely ingest the residues of pesticides from their feed, traces of which can also be found in their milk.

GRASS-FED cattle are granted access to pasture throughout the entire growing season and in our cases, all year-round. Additionally, grass-fed cattle are treated in a more natural, compassionate and humane manner. In order to be considered as Organic, farmers may only use non-GMO feed to supplement their intake. However the milk produced by our grass-fed Organic contains up to four times the amount of omega-3 fatty acids!. This is just the beginning of the list of the many added health benefits we gain from Organic, grass-fed cow’s milk. (Visit our page for more details)

In the same way that grass-fed, organic meats are nutritionally superior, the same thing applies to grass-fed whey protein powder. A cow’s diet influences the nutritional content of both its milk and meat.

If you're health-conscious and want the best for your body and fitness goals, with zero side effects and noticeable benefits we encourage you to invest in your health and try our Pure Protein, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose with this product - if you're not 100% satisfied with the product we will refund you.

That's our quality guarantee.